Stuff I write

I wrote my first book when I was 5. I had chicken pox, and typed the masterpiece at my dad’s office on his typewriter. It was about an astronaut mouse. In third grade, I won third place in a local “young author” contest with a story about a visit to Mars. In high school and college, I was convinced I wanted to be a journalist, but it turned out I was wrong. Happily, I discovered librarianship, a career where I could learn and teach, but not have to grade papers. Time passed, the sun rose and set, I moved 4 times and had 2 children. I needed something I could take with me, so I became a freelance indexer and researcher. Now I write the indexes for nonfiction books — quite literally getting paid to read all day. I’ve learned about everything from cognitive behavioral therapy to Islamic jurisprudence, so that’s pretty cool. I also did a longish stint with a startup, researching and writing biographical profiles about remarkable women over at Quotabelle, and was a book, TV and culture blogger over at the booze-and-glitter-soaked website Forever Young Adult (for the YA reader who’s more A than Y).

Some of my favorite Quotabelle profiles

Beatrix Potter
Eugenie Clark
Carol Burnett
Rose O’Neill

And FYA pieces

Review of Bennett Madison’s September Girls (published on Kirkus)
Review of Beth Kephart’s Small Damages
Once upon a time, this was my favorite book