My early career plan was to be a journalist. I wrote for my college newspaper and freelanced for the Dallas Morning News, but unexpectedly fell in love with libraries, where I started writing book reviews.

Right before I turned 30, I was surprised to realize I wanted to write a book. So, I did. A YA contemporary that explores female friendship and forgiveness, letting go and coming back, The Beginning of June is currently being queried, and I’m hard at work on my next book.

My writing has appeared on the feminist website Quotabelle, as well as the book and culture blog, Forever Young Adult. I also blog regularly for my day job at Potomac Indexing, LLC.

Some of my favorite Quotabelle profiles:

Beatrix Potter
Eugenie Clark
Carol Burnett
Rose O’Neill

And FYA pieces:

Review of Bennett Madison’s September Girls (published on Kirkus)
Review of Beth Kephart’s Small Damages
Once upon a time, this was my favorite book


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